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The Shifter’s Future Mate, Fayoak Romance #1

The Shifter's Future Mate

Friends. Lovers. Mates?

Rose can see the future, and she doesn’t like it one bit. Her best friend and part-time lover, Maddox, is about to discover his soulmate. He’s everything anyone could want in a man, and she’s not ready to give that up yet.

Maddox has searched far and wide for his mate, but fate keeps leading him back home to Rose. The jealousy ignited by a handsome fae flirting with Rose tells him his feelings for her might be more than friendship, but it could already be too late.

Will fate bind them together or tear them apart?

Available at Amazon: The Shifter’s Future Mate

Tangled with a Shifter, Fayoak Romance #2

Tangled with a Shifter

Can a charming fae help a fierce shifter escape her past?

Seductive Alexander Greenhaven has a killer body and the smile to go with it. Cougar-shifter Sophie Addison resists his flirting at every turn. No matter what he tries, the prickly cat eludes all his attempts to entice her.

The handsome fae tries to move on, but he can’t get the foxy feline out of his mind. The heat between them is explosive, but will he ever be able to convince Sophie to take a chance on love?

Sophie came to Fayoak looking for a place to hide. She has dangerous secrets. Secrets that threaten her very life. To stay safe, she keeps herself closed off. However, Alexander’s charming smile is difficult for her to ignore. The way he makes her feel threatens her control.

When Sophie’s life is in danger, Alexander comes to the rescue. Does she dare trust the promise of forever she sees in his eyes?

Available at Amazon: Tangled with a Shifter

The Shifter’s Big Surprise, Fayoak Romance #3

The Shifter's Big Surprise

He has a daughter?

Wolf-shifter Ben Park wasn’t the type who had one-night stands. But then he met the beautiful, fiery cougar-shifter Alysse Addison. An unforgettable night before he left the country left him craving more. He tried to find her when he returned . . . but she had disappeared

After searching high and low, he finally found her, but Alysse’s lukewarm reception leaves him guessing. Had she found someone else? Did he only imagine the spark of something special he felt between them?

For Alysse, that one night of pleasure left her with an adorable daughter and a missing baby-daddy. She figured she would never see Ben again after she had to run for her life.

Ben’s surprising return brought more than his charming smile. The dangers of her past followed him. Can Alysse believe that he didn’t lead them to her? Her body can’t resist him, but can she trust him with her heart?

Available at Amazon: The Shifter’s Big Surprise

Under the Shifter’s Spell, Fayoak Romance #4

Under the Shifter's Spell

Can a bear-shifter win a witch’s love?

Being a single mother isn’t easy. But Rhonda Nielson is a witch who doesn’t let things get her down. After three long years, her divorce is final at last. Just in time for her ex-husband to show back up.

What made him return? And why now? Is it all as simple as it seems? And what is she supposed to do about the hot bear-shifter, Sam, who was there to pick up the pieces when her ex left?

Sam Reynolds doesn’t trust the sudden return of Rhonda’s ex-husband. His unease only grows when he catches the man in a lie. What’s his game? Can Sam figure it out before he steals Rhonda away?

Available at Amazon: Under the Shifter’s Spell

Fayoak Shifters Complete Box Set: Books 1-4

All four hot, action-packed Shifter Romances in one!

The Shifter’s Future Mate

Tangled with a Shifter

The Shifter’s Big Surprise

Under the Shifter’s Spell

Available at Amazon: Fayoak Shifters Complete Box Set