What next? No, don’t ask!

I’ve come to the conclusion that it is NOT a good thing that I’m getting good at catching snakes. Also, seeing a small snake in the house is no longer alarming. Our cat, Andi, thinks snakes are just the BEST toys. She brings them in and plays with them for a bit. I think she then must get bored and wanders off.

Unfortunately, that leaves a small snake loose in the house. These are little things that are usually as thin as a charging cord for your phone, and at least six inches long (most seem longer). Occasionally she catches bigger ones, too.

I move something, and give a little jump as I see the snake. We have two yogurt containers (the large ones) with lids waiting for “pet” capture. One is in the bathroom near the office, and the other is near the back door.

It used to be lizards. We still get those, and I’ve rescued several geckos and green anoles. Yesterday there was one standing in the middle of the hallway. The dog thought it smelled interesting. So I scooped it up in the yogurt container and freed it outside.

I was about to type, “at least it isn’t . . .” and stopped. She could be bringing in worse things and releasing them. I’m not going to tempt fate by typing out what I think might be worse.

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