Pollen and bugs and snakes oh-my!

Happy Tuesday everyone! I know some of you are getting snow, but here in Austin the weather is lovely. Spring is here along with the pollen and allergies – ugh!
Even the dogs are having allergy issues. One is trying to itch herself out of her coat, another is licking the side of his paw all the time (but he’s a poodle so his thick coat is keeping him from licking himself raw).
The two cats like to go outside and bring in “toys.” One eats what he catches. The other believes in catch and release. The only problem is she likes to release it in the house!
She’s brought in all sorts of fun “toys.” Usually lizards and grasshoppers are the catch of the day. Yesterday she brought in a garden snake. It was thinner than a pencil, but at least a foot long. Needless to say, it was not happy about being caught. NOT happy at all. Catching that sucker resulted in one houseplant on the floor and a broken plant saucer.
No one got bit, and the snake was released to the front yard where it will hopefully live a nice long life. Fingers crossed it doesn’t get caught again.
Yeah spring!

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