Sneaky, sneaky. . .

Can you guess who the hero is? Last week we posted the cover for the latest Fayoak Romance: Under the Shifter’s Spell on the Books page, but didn’t say anything (see, we’re so sneaky, lol). We sent out the blurb along with a sneak peek from the first chapter in our newsletter. If you want to be the first to know and get sneak peeks, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter!

Here is the back cover blurb. Under the Shifter’s Spell will be released in mid-March.

Can a bear-shifter win a witch’s love?

Being a single mother isn’t easy. But Rhonda Nielson is a witch who doesn’t let things get her down. After three long years, her divorce is final at last. Just in time for her ex-husband to show back up.

What made him return? And why now? Is it all as simple as it seems? And what is she supposed to do about the hot bear-shifter, Sam, who was there to pick up the pieces when her ex left?

Sam Reynolds doesn’t trust the sudden return of Rhonda’s ex-husband. His unease only grows when he catches the man in a lie. What’s his game? Can Sam figure it out before he steals Rhonda away?

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