Sneaky, sneaky. . .

Can you guess who the hero is? Last week we posted the cover for the latest Fayoak Romance: Under the Shifter’s Spell on the Books page, but didn’t say anything (see, we’re so sneaky, lol). We sent out the blurb along with a sneak peek from the first chapter in our newsletter. If you want to be the first to know and get sneak peeks, be sure to subscribe to the newsletter!

Here is the back cover blurb. Under the Shifter’s Spell will be released in mid-March.

Can a bear-shifter win a witch’s love?

Being a single mother isn’t easy. But Rhonda Nielson is a witch who doesn’t let things get her down. After three long years, her divorce is final at last. Just in time for her ex-husband to show back up.

What made him return? And why now? Is it all as simple as it seems? And what is she supposed to do about the hot bear-shifter, Sam, who was there to pick up the pieces when her ex left?

Sam Reynolds doesn’t trust the sudden return of Rhonda’s ex-husband. His unease only grows when he catches the man in a lie. What’s his game? Can Sam figure it out before he steals Rhonda away?

On a different note . . .

Hello All! I wanted to let you know about this boxed set by Virginia Hunter that is on sale for $.99. Here is the link and the information:

boxsetBuilding friendships isn’t easy…building a coven is even harder. The Coven’s Grove Chronicles is a saga about the gathering of thirteen women who possess extraordinary powers. Witches all, they must come together in a sisterhood that will nurture and protect them. The secrets of the arcane will be unlocked for each, if they survive long enough to learn. Join them on their journeys of discovery and hardship, and of course, to meet the dashing men they find along the way. The first three books of the Coven’s Grove Chronicles, Alix, Hannah, and Cassie have been wrapped up into one boxed set for your enjoyment and convenience. Be sure to check out the other books in the series!

I thought it sounded intriguing and wanted to share.

Nope, still winter

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a happy Tuesday.
I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who picked up The Shifter’s Big Surprise. We hope you enjoyed Aly and Ben’s story.
The next Fayoak Romance is off with the editor. Our newsletter comes out next week, and there might just be some sneak-peek info in there…
I can’t believe it is almost the middle of February. Spring is just around the corner. The weather here in Austin tends to be nice. More on the warm side (especially in summer, lol). But WINTER has decided it is not ready to give up its hold.
We had sleet over the weekend. For those of you who have snow, it’s no big deal, but here… In any case what surprised me the most was the little balls of sleet that lasted the next day, too! They were hidden in shady spots, but still. One expects sleet to quickly melt.
Today it is cold and wet. The wet means it feels even colder. So I’m hunkered down at my computer, typing away.
My cats are angry that the weather is cold and wet, and they don’t want to go outside. They are being very insistent that I turn up the heat outside and stop the annoying rain. They will be pleased that (according to the weather app on my phone) it will 78 with a 30% chance of rain on Thursday.
Of course, two days later it is supposed to be 53 and rain. I have to remind myself I used to live in a much colder place. I used to deal with snow and ice and warm days were in the high 40s.
No matter where you are, stay warm (or if you happen to be outside the US and it is summer – stay cool). Hang in there everyone, and read on!

If you gotta . . .

Hello Everyone! How is your week going? I hope you had a chance to pick up The Shifter’s Big Surprise and enjoyed Aly and Ben’s tale.
Today was “car day” for me. I had to get my oil changed and tires rotated. I try to do them at the same time so I don’t forget. Unfortunately, my tires were down to the “danger zone” and I had to get new ones. I wanted to include a photo with the blog post. So I went looking for pictures of tires, because, well… and I saw that one with a puppy. And puppies are so much cuter than tires! And a puppy WITH a tire – win!
Anyway, I like the place I go to buy my tires from. They give you the available options for my vehicle, and don’t push the most expensive tires on you. But it still was not fun waiting around for new tires.
On a plus side, I got some reading done! Woot for the Kindle! I love having my library with me at all times.
Do you have a Kindle, or what device do you prefer to read on? Or do you prefer paperbacks (or hardbacks as the case may be)? Feel free to comment below. Cheers!